Mentor Application

The following contact and employment information (if applicable) will be shared with your student.

The Cmolik Foundation hopes that the student and mentor will engage in a mentoring relationship that will last throughout the student’s undergraduate studies.

Mentors are asked to make a five-year commitment so that the student has a consistent mentoring presence during their education; someone they can lean on during difficult times and with whom they can celebrate their successes. The student/mentor relationship is reviewed annually to ensure the student/mentor relationship is a fit.

Part A: Introduction

1. Personal Information

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Part B: Educational Background

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Part C: Employment Information

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Part D: Hobbies and Personal Interests

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Part E: Agreement

By completing this form, and forwarding to TCF:

  • I agree to and understand the principles by which the mentorship program operates.
  • I understand that placement with a mentor or the pairing with a student will depend on the availability of volunteers and suitable candidates.
  • I agree to keep confidential the contact details of the student assigned to me and I agree not to use the contact information for any purpose other than to foster the mentorship relationship.